Graeme Bond

Licensee Salesperson | Warkworth

I have been married to my wife, Loris since 1973 and we have brought up 7 children (six girls and one boy).

After I left Hamilton Tech. College in 1964, I joined the Royal New Zealand Navy. I did 9 years traveling to many countries around the Pacific from Australia to Japan, and South Korea on the way up. We did a Royal Tour of the Pacific, escorting the Queen and the Duke on board the Britannia. I left the RNZN in 1976 obtaining the rank of Petty Officer.

When I left the RNZN, I worked at several jobs as Warehouse Manager and as Purchasing Manager in companies such as PolyFlor Products and Lilypac Industries.

In 1979 I joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force in time to stand guard on the hanger as the bodies from the Arabas accident where being brought back.

A large portion of my time in the RNZAF was spent in the Air Movements Section.

I had some good deployments with Air Movements, going over to Australia for the last of the Tri-Country exercise. I also was involved in the Spring Box tour in 1981, transporting the Police around the country.

My favourite deployment was to travel around the country with Prince Charles, Princess Diana and a with a very young Prince William, on their 1983 tour.

After I left the RNZAF we stayed in Auckland for a while where I worked in the Real Estate Industry until the crash in “87.

We then moved up to Wellsford where we stayed for about 15 years before making the move to Maungaturoto.

Having been in Maungaturoto since 2003 I have worked in Security and re-sat my Real Estate Licence and have returned to the Real Estate Industry where I am confident, I can assist you in any Real Estate transaction you contemplating.